About Us


Navjot Jhattu earned a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Commerce in Finance. In 2015, she attained the title of Certified General Accountant. Since 2007, she has been employed in the accounting industry. She has worked in the finance industry in a variety of roles. She worked as a cash management officer before deciding to pursue a career in statistics, economics, and finance. Navjot has experience and knowledge in the year-ends of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as personal and corporate tax.

Accounting Services
Assistance with Revenue
audits and appeals
Payroll Services
Tax Preparation & Planning
Accountancy and Reliability
Accounting reliability and reliable financial information will be verified and used consistently by creditors with the same results.
Bookkeeping and Cloud Accounting
We ensure that your business’s accounting and bookkeeping is always updated, always accurate and always accessible. Ease is a digital accounting and bookkeeping solution that transforms real-time information into real-world business insights.
Business Finance
Whether you’re looking to help your business overcome financial challenges or an individual experiencing overwhelming debt, our professionals can help you regain control of your finances.
You need a thorough transition plan if you want to enhance the value of your business. Succession plans may boost your company's value, reduce risk, and ensure the future you've fought so hard to achieve.