Why choose NJ Professional Accounting Corporation?

What are the general costs for the services?
  • First in person business consultation is free.
  • Our rates are competitive within the industry.
How can I be sure that I am receiving the best quality of service?

Navjot Jhattu Professional Accounting Corporation always focuses on building a close and professional relationship with clients that add long-term value. Our company goes above the standards of accounting by recommending different and specific strategies that will strengthen the base of the business.

Do you incorporate businesses in Canada ?

We guide the owners with process and provide all the necessary arrangements required for incorporation of your businesses.

What kind of Tax preparation and planning do you do ?

We have vast experience in the field of income tax preparation, and our expertise is backed by our strong integrity and client relationships.
We provide services for:

  • Personal tax preparation and tax planning

  • Accounting and taxation for Professionals including doctors, dentists, chiropractors, social workers, engineers, architects etc.